A downloadable game for Android

They have 3 characters, 20 levels, a very funny story, many combos and special powers.

You have to release Steven Norries (a famous martial arts actor) who has been kidnapped. The game has a story mode, and 3 different endings, normal mode and hard mode, has a combo system (you can alternate tiger and dragon hits with 2 buttons).

The 3 characters have 3 or 4 special powers, they are totally different.

The 3 heroes have a voice (it has subtitles in English and Spanish, but the voices are only Spanish).

The soundtrack is 80's rock.


FM Free.apk 74 MB

Also available on


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Soooo are you going to re-release it on PC anytime soon?

For the moment we are working on the game "Templar", when we finish Templar is possible.